Rahul's assurance to Telangana gig workers!?

Sowmiya Sriram
Rahul's assurance to telangana gig workers!?
Rahul gandhi interacted with auto drivers and gig workers in telangana and promised legislation for their welfare. election campaigning for the telangana State Legislative assembly with a total of 119 constituencies will be held on november 30 in a single phase. Senior political party leaders engaged in the final phase of campaigning in Telangana. In that way, during the final phase of the election campaign in telangana, senior congress leader rahul gandhi, who discussed with auto drivers and gig workers, promised to pass legislation for their welfare. Gig workers are short-term contractors. The method of self-doing the desired task at the desired time without any restrictions is known as Gig. That is online delivery, Ola, uber auto, bike riding, online food delivery, etc.

This gig economy and gig work system is starting to spread in a big way all over the world. Employers of companies are very supportive of this method. However, the job security of gig workers is highly questioned. In this situation, rahul gandhi, who interacted with auto drivers, gig workers, and sanitation workers in the jubilee hills area of Hyderabad, promised to pass legislation for their welfare. While interacting with them, congress president rahul gandhi heard their grievances. He also said that legislation will be brought in to address them like the Congress-led rajasthan government. In rajasthan, we have created a category of gig workers. Whenever an order comes in, some of the proceeds go towards your social security insurance, pension, etc. on behalf of the company.

Rahul gandhi categorically said that once the congress government is established in telangana, he will talk to the chief minister and the cabinet and find a solution to their problems. rahul gandhi also assured them that if the congress party comes to power in telangana, a law will be introduced for the welfare of the gig workers there. After hearing about the problems of the auto drivers, he said that in the election manifesto of the telangana congress party, they had been promised Rs. 12,000 as financial assistance.
Likewise, the contractual sanitation workers also explained to rahul gandhi their problems due to a lack of job security and other benefits. After this, rahul promised that when the congress comes to power, the chief minister will hold a meeting with them and take steps for their welfare. He also said that once the congress party comes to power, the chief minister and the ministers will hold a meeting and decide on the welfare schemes for the gig workers. rahul gandhi also suggested setting up a welfare board to address the issues data-faced by gig workers. Gig workers briefed rahul gandhi about the problems they data-face on a daily basis. The workers expressed concern that rising petrol prices are increasing costs and reducing returns per order. They alleged that the delivery charges were very low and the companies did not cover the costs of vehicles or petrol. Avarkal also complained to rahul about the lack of accident insurance. Later, rahul gandhi took a photo with them. The photo of them sitting in front and rahul sitting behind them is getting appreciation from many people.

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