Nitish draws BJP's ire for 2024 school holiday calendar - ‘Islamic Republic of Bihar’

The bharatiya janata party (BJP) began another onslaught on monday against the Nitish Kumar-led bihar government for allegedly reducing the number of school breaks during Hindu festivities while boosting them during Muslim festivals. Union minister Ashwini Choubey, referring to nitish kumar as the "chief of appeasement," alleged that the grand alliance's "anti-Hindu data-face" had returned, saying that the bihar government "hates Sanatan for vote bank."
“Once again the anti-Hindu data-face of the uncle-nephew government came to the fore. On one hand, holidays for Muslim festivals are being extended in schools, while holidays for Hindu festivals are being abolished,” Choubey said in a social media post on X.

"Shame on the government that hates Sanatan for vote bank."
The bihar education department released the vacation calendar for 2024 on monday, claiming that the schedule was prepared to secure at least 220 teaching days under the Right to Education. According to HT's sister publication Live Hindustan, the 2024 holiday calendar has undergone significant changes, with the number of summer vacation days increasing from 20 to 30.
While Hartalika Teej and Jitiya holidays have been eliminated, the education department has raised Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha (Bakrid) vacations to three days each, according to LH.
Giriraj Singh, a fiery bjp politician and Union minister, slammed Nitish Kumar's administration, dubbing bihar the "Islamic Republic of Bihar."
"Nitish and Lalu government increased holidays for Muslim festivals in schools, ended holidays for Hindu festivals," he said in a hindi article on X.
A similar dispute emerged earlier this year when the administration reduced the number of vacations for the state's schools from 22 to 8 for the following five months in an order dated august 29. However, the order was revoked following widespread resistance.

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