₹2,000 note exchange deadline has been extended!!!

S Venkateshwari
2,000 note exchange deadline has been extended!!!

The Reserve bank has provided you with a great deal of relief if up until now you were unable to exchange Rs 2000 notes. The exchange deadline for Rs 2000 notes has now been extended by the Central bank until october 7. people now have an extra week to exchange notes as a result of this.

There was a call for the deadline to be extended. 

Previously, the Reserve bank had extended the deadline for depositing or exchanging the Rs. 2000 note until today, september 30. The Reserve Bank's potential decision to extend the deadline was a subject of rumours. There was a demand in particular to give NRIs more time to exchange Rs 2000 notes. people who, for whatever reason, were unable to deposit or exchange Rs 2000 notes in banks feel greatly relieved by the Reserve Bank's most recent action.

Reserve bank provided this knowledge...

In a press release issued on september 30, the Central bank stated that it had decided to extend the deadline by one week based on a review. The Reserve bank stated in the release that the withdrawal process' allotted time is about to expire. A review led to the decision that the current system of depositing or exchanging Rs. 2000 notes should be kept in place through october 7, 2023.

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