Divide Talk on ‘One Empty Seat’ in Theaters

Adipurush, starring prabhas, declared leaving one seat free for Lord Hanuman at every showing in a first-of-its-kind action. Additionally, at the pre-release ceremony, director Om Raut asked all theatre owners—including those in other countries—to reserve one seat for Lord Hanuman. social media users' reactions to this gesture by the producers have been conflicted. Many people are praising the creators' Bhakti bhavana for paying homage to Lord Hanuman, who is a popular deity.
However, a lot of people are also making jokes and trolling about it. Some people questioned what would happen if the movie received bad press on opening day. The theatre would thereafter be completely empty, allowing Lord Hanuman to enter and take any available seat. Another user asked if chappals will be permitted in the theatres showing Adipurush. Additionally, he was unsure whether Prasadam or Payasam would be provided during the intermission in place of popcorn and cold beverages.
One user criticised the producers for attempting to capitalise on the audience's religious feelings in India. A movie, according to some, should only be viewed as such. "Next will be some photoshopped image in empty seat saying Lord Hanuman came to theatre to watch adipurush," a different person said. Nonsense. Why are they going to do all of them if the movie is good? Supporters of Lord Rama and prabhas fans are criticising and advising internet users not to offend their religious sensibilities by mocking the producers of Adipurush for making such a wonderful homage to our gods.

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