No Basic Evidence In CBN’s Quid-Pro-Quo: ACB Court

The acb court has reportedly refused to permit the attachment of Lingamaneni Ramesh's vijayawada home. The court cannot make a decision on the petition to give authorization for attachment at this time, the judge said in his remarks regarding the attachment case. Prior to permitting attachment, the judge emphadata-sized that prima facie evidence should be taken into account. Considering that the notice was issued on May 18, the court further ordered the official to deliver the requisite documentation to lingamaneni ramesh and instructed the CID to do so.
The 16th of this month has been set aside for the acb court's subsequent hearing. The acb court's judgment has disappointed the YSRCP, despite the fact that it still has the power to investigate the seizure of Lingamaneni Ramesh's home. The YSRCP government has tried several times to remove chandrababu naidu from the residence without success.

Chandrababu Naidu just made a choice and untangled the Sattenapalli snarl. The tdp chief now data-faces a brand-new struggle in Vijayawada. Kesineni nani, an MP, disobeyed the party's top leadership by making controversial media remarks. In vijayawada, there are rumours that nani might not get a ticket for the next elections. According to rumours, Chinni, Nani's brother, may win the ticket the next time.

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