Why Two Buildings for BRS in Hyderabad?

In Kokapet, Hyderabad, the BRS party is erecting a brand-new structure known as the "Centre for Excellence and Human Resource Development." This structure, known as the "Bharat Bhavan" or "Centre of Excellence," is being constructed on priceless property and will operate as the centre of BRS operations. KCR, the chief minister and the President of BRS, laid the cornerstone for this 15-story structure. The development of this new structure has drawn criticism because the BRS already has a party office called "Telangana Bhavan."
When other significant political parties in the state, including the congress party and the telugu Desam party, do not have two party buildings, opposition parties and individuals are challenging the necessity of having two different structures for the same party. Even the lately BRS-data-aligned cpi and CPM do not have two structures. The BRS party's current telangana Bhavan, which is close to KBR Park and is situated between Banjara and Jubilee Hills, serves as their headquarters. It was given to them by the former congress administration.
The government has allotted 11 acres of land in Kokapet for the construction of the new structure in addition to the party office. Even while the BRS insists the new structure is for the Centre for Excellence, many people think it will mostly be utilised for political purposes. Concerns and outrage from opposition parties and the general public have been generated by the allocation of priceless land and the construction of a new building for the ruling BRS party.

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