Chiyaan Vikram's Birthday: Immense Talent!!!

Chiyaan Vikram's Birthday: Immense Talent!!!

The enormous brilliance and variety that tamil superstar Chiyaan vikram has displayed over the course of a career spanning more than three decades leaves no room for doubt. The actor has often shown that he is a force to be reckoned with in the world of cinema with outstanding performances. 

The flawless transitions between Vikram's three identities

The seamless transitions between Ambi-Remo-Anniyan by vikram are amazing! We witness his mild-mannered alter ego, Ambi, being reprimanded by his supervisor in one of the scenarios. vikram is so convincing in this that we feel sorry for him. Anniyan, however, appears in the scene right after. It's difficult to imagine vikram played both Ambi and Anniyan because of how dramatically he transformed into each role.

Do you recall Prakash Raj's two-part personality change scene?

Perhaps Anniyan's most unforgettable scene is the one with prakash raj and Vikram's transitions. In this, Raj's character, who plays the corrupt officer, is confronted by Ambi while acting normally. Vikram's data-face contorts in wrath as something snaps, and he changes into the vigilante Anniyan. He also delivers a ferocious speech about society's corruption in this well-known scene.

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