Remembering SilkSmitha on her birth anniversary!!!

Remembering SilkSmitha on her birth anniversary!!!

Silk Smitha, the name of the South film industry is still enshrined in the hearts of people. An actress whose story has been no less interesting than the story of a film. There was a time when Silk's career graph progressed at such a fast pace that she started signing films one after the other. The result was that in 17 years she worked in more than 450 films. However, she was also successful in breaking the shackles of patriarchy in the male-dominated film industry. Today, on the 62nd birth anniversary of the actress, let us know about many unheard and untold aspects of her life.

Silk Smitha or say vijayalakshmi Vadlapati, once used to do makeup for actresses, but her passion for acting brought her to the film screen. Silk's journey to stardom at a young age was not easy at all. She had to fight the male-dominated film industry. Today, even in the third decade of the 21st century, the situation has not improved much, but in that era, Silk used to dominate like a rock in front of this patriarchal society.

It is said about Silk Smita that she was an ambitious woman. She used to get angry quickly but she did not hesitate to answer any question. With this fearless style, she was able to shake this patriarchal film world for a long time. Amidst the conservative thinking spread in the industry, she made her own identity and started ruling the film screen in a short time.

There came a time when the magic of silk's boldness was used to speak on the heads of the audience. Within a few years, Silk Smita's sultry look and hot avatar had created panic in the whole country and this process continued till her death.

The death happened 36 years

At the age of just 36, Silk had said goodbye to this world under mysterious circumstances. Her dead body was found hanging from the fan in her house. Silk Smita's whole life was like a puzzle and her death also remained an unsolved puzzle. It was found in the post-mortem that Silk had consumed a lot of alcohol before the suicide.

Even today the mystery of Silk's death is complicated. Many reasons like loneliness, drug addiction, physical abuse, and rejection were seen to be associated with her suicide.

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