Thalapathy birthday special -political parties!!!


Thalapathy  who broke the barriers of 30 years .. Vijay who played games for political parties, Birthday Special

Today is the birthday of tamil cinema's collection emperor, Thalapathy  Vijay. He is advancing today overcoming many obstacles. This article is written as a special perspective on him.

Thalapathy  Vijay has made headlines in the early days in a few films as their child star. However, the SAC introduced him to the protagonist for the reason that he had to learn many skills. Vijay, who pointed out in the WisCom course, became the protagonist with tomorrow's verdict film. The father may have gotten the opportunity easily if he wanted to because he was a director, but he needed a separate talent to use and retain it properly. It was developed by the Thalapathy.

Vijay, who initially grew up in the shadow of his father, often did not talk much with anyone and did not try to act in appearances. At that time, many people openly spoke to him that he was a hero and that the hero did not have a data-face. He did not take it all into account. He continued to star in several films directed by his father but did not get a break to say goodbye to him. Because of that, he was only ten and eleven. The film that gave him the first breakthrough came through director Vikram.

Director vikram was just beginning to gain popularity. The family love stories he takes and the emphasis he gives to comedy were noted. Vijay co-starred with them in the 1996 film Poove for You. The film was a huge success. Vijay got that big recognition. He also proved that comedy is suitable for him.

The year 1997 was even better for Vijay. His two best films of the year, love Today, and Kadhaluku Mariyathai were released in his performance. Super duper hit concerning love in it. The songs of the film sounded on the flip side. The film was a success for over 200 days. It was only after this film that the fan base for Vijay grew bigger. The Vijay shalini duo was also much talked about.

In 1998 he released three films starring Nilave Vaa, Thought Came, With Priyam. All were huge successes. All three films were much talked about for the songs and Vijay’s dancing. The following year saw the release of His All-Time Best Picture. Vijay simran combo became trending. The film ran for 250 days.

Following Vijay, who was only enjoying success like this, some films did not go well.  Many magazines at the time wrote that his cinematic career was on the decline. But the Thalapathy threw it all away the very next year. Films like Kushi, and Priyamanavale, released in 2000, and Friends and badri in 2001 were huge successes.

Vijay, who continued to act in romantic films, changed his route with the film Thirumalai. Vijay took action incarnation in this film. He indeed enlarged his fan base with this film. He would have excelled as a mechanic in this film. And it would not be superfluous if this film carried him up to the frontline fan. The 2004 film Gilli revolutionized the collection of tamil cinema. The film was a mass hit.

After this, the commander was only on the rise in their lives. They competed to produce the film he starred in. After Rajini, he rose to become a lucrative actor. It is common to experience many problems when touching height. As it was, both the AIADMK and the DMK, which were seen as the ruling scenario for his growth and the growing crowd of his fans, occasionally caused some setbacks. Nevertheless, it all passed as an assault by the Thalapathy.

During the last election, he came by bicycle and voted. The crowd that came with him then will tell you how much people love him. 

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