Marilyn Monroe: Hollywood's coolest actress!!

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If you see the picture of Marilyn Monroe once, it is difficult to forget it. His films, life, marriage and then death... every stage has a mystery attached to it. Marilyn Monroe. This is a name that you may not have heard of, but you must have seen it. Don't know that iconic picture of her holding blonde hair, black mole on her cheeks, red lipstick on her lips and handling her flying dress with her hands is still in many hearts. Whoever has seen this picture or scene will not be easy to forget it. This best hollywood actress was born on this day in the year 1926.

1. Died at the age of 36

Everything was there in Marilyn Monroe's life. She was famous. His name was He had both glory and fame. Yet there was such a void in life, which she could hardly even fill. He died at the age of only 36 and the death also happened in such a way that till date many attempts to solve the mystery of this death are proving to be unsuccessful.

2. Married at the age of 16

It is said that after celebrating her 16th birthday, in 1942, she married james Dougherty, an American police officer. After a year of marriage, james moved to the Navy. After this, Marilyn started working in a factory. Even no one would have guessed that in which direction Marilyn's fate is going to turn.

3. Open luck because of the photographer

While working in the factory, some photographers went there to click photos and they found Marilyn's data-face very photogenic. Just after this, Marilyn's fortunes turned and the doors of the world of glamor opened for her. In 1945, she was recognized as a model.

4. Divorce happened because of dress

Marilyn Monroe acted in more than 30 films. Her 'skirt dress' scene in the 1955 film 'The Seven Year Itch' is counted among the memorable scenes. But due to this dress, Marilyn got divorced from her second husband. Her husband created a ruckus on the movie set by calling the skirt too provocative. In 1960, Marilyn Monroe was given the prestigious Golden Globe Award for the movie 'Some Like It Hot'.

5. Affair in discussion

In 1946, she separated from james Dougherty. In 1954, he took the hand of Joe DiMaggio. This relationship also lasted only one year and both got separated. The very next year in 1956, she married Arthur Miller. During these marriages, many of his affairs were also discussed.

6. Afraid to be someone's wife

According to reports, Munro was very fond of writing and reading. There were more than 400 books in his personal library. Apart from this, she often used to write notes too. When these notes were found after her death, she wrote in one of them - I am afraid to become someone's wife, because I know that one cannot love someone else. I will take care of myself from tomorrow onwards, because this is my wealth. It was like this earlier also and it is so today.

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