Chandra Babu Naidu Birthday: Unstoppable leader...!


In a way, the difficulties are not new to him. That’s how he went about it. Lowered back .. swayed between front and back. Gave form to assumptions. wanted to bring great glory to the two major cities.

Thus despite the many successes that day in the case of Bhagya Nagari, josh was unable to pursue that in the case of Amravati. However, the day when the dream city of andhra pradesh will be completed is to come in the early days of his life. The desire of the Telugudesam party ranks is to come true.

He is known as the Hi-Tech CM. When it comes to that, he is a leader who has taught political lessons even to people like KCR. Some mistakes kept him going for a while but he grew up because of his vision. There are also chief ministers who have made a name for themselves by continuing his development.

The same thing was said earlier in ntr Bhavan (Hyderabad)! In a way, he fell in love with hyderabad that day. Because of that love he did a lot of development work. The city has been transformed into an IT hub. Thus he became a leader with a brand image of his own.

He is known as a leader who grew up in a remote area of chittoor district. Because Telugudesam party leaders say that if the present rulers make the same progress as he did then they should talk.

Tomorrow is the birthday of telugu Desam leader Chandrababu Naidu. He is 71 years old. At the age of 72, Rs. This is a special article written to wish him a happy birthday on this auspicious occasion. Right now his focus is all on Vision 2024.

Because the time to come is all about getting ready for the elections! So Babu has made a name for himself as an unwavering leader by carrying the burden of the party and mobilizing the party ranks for 44 years to bring about changes in the party walk. Is there a bad name as well as a good one? I mean .. he made mistakes in some things and got a bad name.

Especially when he was in power that day his word did not prevail .. Thus he got a bad name. Although he tried to avoid some mistakes in the combination of good and bad, his charisma was diminished due to leaders like Narayana. Then and now and always for the sake of the party. 

There is no doubt about it. However, he was sometimes confined to one area in the name of the construction of Amravati and moved away from the rest. Not only that but that day his focus was just on capital construction. Even though he got a bad name in that way, Telugudesam fans along with the tdp ranks are still contemplating that if he is the chief minister today, some work will be completed and the capital will be formed.

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