Use Glycerin this way your Skin will look so young!!!

S Venkateshwari
Use Glycerin this way your Skin will look so young!!!

Skin dryness becomes a problem in the winter season. Due to Skin Dryness, the data-face starts to look very dry. people use many types of moisturisers, vaseline and creams to remove this dryness. However, still does not get rid of skin dryness. Today we are going to tell you about the use of Glycerin For Skin Care to remove Skin Dryness. You will easily get Glycerin from any medical store nearby. 

Glycerin egg And Honey

You can use glycerin, egg and honey to remove skin dryness. You have to prepare a paste for this. To prepare this paste, take out the white part of the egg in a bowl. Mix one spoon of honey and one spoon of glycerin in the bowl. Make a paste by mixing all these. Apply this paste after cleaning the data-face thoroughly with rose water. After drying the paste, wash the data-face with lukewarm water. With this mask, the dryness of your data-face will go away and the skin will become glowing.

Glycerin And Lemon

You can use lemon to moisturise the body, skin along with the data-face. To use glycerin with lemon, mix one spoon of glycerin in one spoon of lemon juice. After mixing it well, apply on the body. With this, the dryness of your skin will be removed and the skin will be well moisturised.

There will be more benefits with skin moisturization

The use of glycerine will not only moisturise the skin but will also tighten the skin and also get rid of the problem of wrinkles. Glycerin is also helpful in lightening the complexion by removing blackness. It is also beneficial in making the skin glowing.

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