Finding a natural alternative for Hair Dye


If you want to avoid toxins, I have good news: you don't have to stop dying your hair. We live in an awesome time and there are so many options to choose from when it comes to hair dye. If you're going to get your hair colored you could look for an organic salon that uses all-natural, non-toxic products. Another option is to dye your hair at home.

If you just can't give up your hairdresser and your favorite color and decide to stick with your hair dye, it's a great idea to incorporate some extra detoxification support into your wellness regime. This will help support your body's ability to handle the extra chemical exposure.

In addition, lab tests can also help you find out your toxicity level and exactly which toxins might be the problem for you which might help you choose the best dye with the lowest risk to your health. We'll never live a life free of toxins, and that's okay because our bodies were designed to handle a certain amount of exposure. Our goal should be to prioritize our exposures to stay as healthy as possible, while still enjoying life!

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