Preparing Beetroot Face Pack for glowing skin


Splash warm water all over the data-face and allow it to dry. This helps remove grime and dust that would interfere with the beetroot juice. Grate some beetroot juice in a bowl and soak a cotton ball in the juice. Proceed to dab the cotton ball onto your data-face. Be careful to avoid the eyes and the mouth, unless you don’t mind pink teeth.

Be careful to use enough to wet the skin, but don’t let it slide down your data-face. Allow the juice to settle for a couple of minutes before reapplying a fresh layer with a new cotton ball. The second layer ensures that your data-face is covered with beetroot juice. Allow it to dry for 15-20 minutes. Don’t touch your data-face as you may remove the juice and even stain your hands.

Remember to remove it after 20 minutes as it may leave stains. Immerse a washcloth or a napkin in warm water. Proceed to wipe the beetroot juice in circular motions. Pat your data-face dry with a towel. You will notice an instantaneous pinkish glow. Use this data-face pack twice in a month to get beautiful skin.

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