Have you used tomatoes for skin care problems?


Tomato pack with Aloe Vera 

If you are dealing with heavy under eyes and swollen eye bags, these are annoying dark circles which might be caused due to lack of proper nutritious ad balanced diet, lack of proper sleep etc. So, take one tomato, mash it, take out the pulp and mix it thoroughly with aloe vera extract. This eye pack will help make your eyes feel relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated. Let this mixture sit comfortably under your eyes and then wash it off using cold water. You will find effective results.

Tomato as acne 

Take the fresh tomato and cut the tomato into two pieces. Now take the one piece of tomato into hand gently rub the tomato piece on the data-face in circular motion. The tomato contains the vitamin A and vitamin C helps to cure the acne. Wash your data-face after 10 minutes repeat this process weekly thrice for the good results.

Tomato for sun burns

Take the fresh tomato in the blender and add the half a cup of the curd in the blender. Grind them well. Now apply the paste all over the sunburn area. Wait for 10-15 minutes then wash the dried mix with the cool water.

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