Nani: Lights, Camera, Action!

Sindujaa D N
Popular actor nani has been enjoying a successful streak with two consecutive super hits last year. Achieving a milestone by crossing the 100 crores mark with "Dussehra," followed by another solid performer "Hi Nanna," he hasn't slowed down. Currently, nani is engrossed in shooting without much break, swiftly lining up projects one after another. 

This year, he aims for yet another triumph with a unique action flick titled "Sampada Satyabha," helmed by director Vivek Athreya. The teaser has already garnered positive feedback, and the film is slated for a worldwide release in five languages on august 29. nani, confident about its success, dedicated five months of rigorous work to its shooting. Following its completion, he swiftly moved on to three more films, possibly including one with a new director, awaiting official confirmation.

Additionally, he's set to star in a Pan-India venture directed by Sujith, delving into the mafia world, with shooting commencing after wrapping up his current project. Another project titled "Ellamma," directed by acclaimed filmmaker Venu, promises a periodical setting and is likely to kick off soon, possibly spanning six months. Nani's ambitious goal is to consistently deliver at least two films per year, with industry whispers suggesting that shooting for Sujith's or "Ellamma" might commence immediately after his ongoing project concludes.

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