Rajulandhu Prabhas Raju Veraya!

Of course, there are many celebrities who give back to the community through charitable endeavours, and some believe that helping the people who helped them achieve fame, fortune, and power simply entails producing more films that their admirers will have to pay to see. Prabhas, the star of "Baahubali," is demonstrating that he is greater than the legendary in this situation, and the scenes at Mogalturu are a reflection of his magnificence.
The star hero Prabhas has invited thousands of admirers to lunch at their Mogalturu home for the memorial service for his uncle Krishnam Raju, who passed away two weeks ago. The menu he had created for the feast is genuinely extraordinary and larger than any king-data-size we often speak about.
There are 22 non-vegetarian items on the menu, according to the diners, including mutton curry, mutton biryani, gongura prawns, stuffed crab, small eel fish (Bommidayulu), silver Pomfret fry, Asisan sea bass fish (Pandugappa), and numerous fried and curry variations of chicken. A full lunch will be provided for each person, and there won't be a food shortage until the last person has finished eating. The mutton and chicken biryani were produced in quantities ranging from 6 to 9 tonnes. The cost of all the setups and food, including the labour for cooking and serving, was probably approximately 70 lacs.

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