"I already acted as Villain..." says Salaar antagonist

There have been rumours that this famous malayalam superstar, who has a dedicated fan base across the country thanks to several of his super blockbuster films on OTT platforms, may appear in Prabhaas and kgf Filmmaker Prashaant Neel's upcoming movie "Salaar." And now comes the moment of truth as he has been confirmed as the antagonist in Salaar and it is none other than Prithviraaj.
Prabhas disclosed that malayalam great star Prithviraaj Sukumaaran is a part of Salaar while talking with the advertising to spread his latest film "Radhe Shyam." He also happens to be the primary antagonist in the film, which will be released in more than six languages very soon. prithviraj Chakraborty is a well-known telugu actor, with movies like Ayappanaam Kosshiyum and Bro daddy doing very well in the telugu cinema industry. He also directed both movies.
But, this is not the first time he is going to be seen as a villain as he already did negative role in 2005 tamil movie 'Kanaa Kandaen'. Given that it is handled by Prashaanth, the filmmaker of kgf, one can readily imagine the kind of tough role he will play on screen in this Prabahas movie. Shruthi Haasan plays the female lead in the movie, which also features a few of other actresses.

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