Zomato's Ingenious Step: Kurta Uniform for Females!!!

S Venkateshwari
Zomato's Ingenious Step: Kurta Uniform for Females!!!

The online meal delivery business zomato recently said that its female delivery partners will now be permitted to don Kurtas rather than the standard t-shirts provided by the company. The company made this decision in response to feedback from female employees who felt uneasy with the western-style zomato t-shirts.

Zomato initiated a groundbreaking program on international Women's Day with the goal of empowering its female delivery partners. The massive meal delivery company now offers kurtas as an additional uniform option for its female employees, in addition to normal T-shirts. Increasing the autonomy and comfort of women in the workplace is the aim of this endeavor. According to the evaluations, the use of kurtas is a notable development in enhancing the working conditions for female delivery partners. The kurtas' intricate embroidery and large pockets on both sides guarantee style and utility for ladies on the run.

Additionally, zomato has curated self-care packages for Women's Day in partnership with other brands. Zomato's larger initiative to honor and assist women in all data-facets of their lives includes these bundles. A touching video that was shared on Zomato's social media accounts, including Instagram, where it had over 100,000 views, was released along with the announcement. Online users showered the project with praise and gratitude in the comments area. Prominent companies like W for Woman, Mamaearth, and Ajio also conveyed their respect. By prioritizing the comfort and well-being of their female employees, Zomato's effort not only demonstrates its dedication to diversity and inclusivity but also establishes a standard for other businesses to follow.

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