Marital rape is accepted by law and marriage society...

S Venkateshwari
Marital rape is accepted by law and marriage society...

A woman who is raped by someone else bears that awful memories for the rest of her life; however, if her husband commits the crime, she must deal with both the anguish and the perpetrator. This is more challenging when, according to both culture and the law, having sexual contact with a spouse without his consent is not regarded as rape or sexual violence, and women's consent is not given any special weight in the marriage bond.

In this case, it is reasonable to wonder if marriage society has condoned such a brutal system of marital rape. This shouldn't come across as unjust because, as of right now, indian law does not criminalize marital rape. It's crucial that we understand what our nation's laws say about marital rape before we have a conversation about this. How do you define it?

Recognize what marital rape is.

Rape committed by a spouse of the victim, or her husband, is referred to as marital rape. This is a relationship that was forced, threatened, or physically violently forged against the wife's will. when the wife is not in agreement.

What is stated in indian law?

Rape is defined in Section 375 of the indian Penal Code. In accordance with this, if a wife is not younger than eighteen, having sex with her husband does not constitute rape. Even if a girl is a wife, having sexual relations with her while she is less than 18 is considered rape. This indicates that there is no explicit legislation against marital rape in the nation. It's not referred to as rape straight. In India, though, it has been classified as domestic violence. Marital rape is deemed cruel under Section 498 A of the indian Penal Code 1960. Cruelty, though, is also not precisely defined here. This article lists both physical and mental abuse, with a three-year jail sentence and a fine for the offender.

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