Blush or bronzer your face!Subtle shimmer face powders, like lighting foundations

Sekar Chandra

Blush or bronzer your data-face!Subtle shimmer data-face powders, like lighting foundations

          Subtle shimmer data-face powders, like lighting foundations, can attract attention to big pores. With a soft brush, apply the blush to the cheeks, then with a bronzer brush, shape the contours of your data-face. Avoid using lotions and liquid for your bronzer, blush, and contour. Lotion and liquid products, although lovely (we know!) and simple to use, sink into pores.

          It not only makes the pores look wider, but it also causes the cream to become ‘stuck’ in the pores, making them visible. When you have huge pores, powder formulations work best for cheek makeup! After all these steps you must use a setting spray. A setting spray holds the makeup in place, making it harder to move. Even people with huge pores can benefit from this. When you use setting spray, your makeup cannot disperse and set in your pores.

          Trust this, it will work wonders for you. Your skin will look flawless when you go out. This won’t wear off the makeup showing your large pores.Apply a small coating of powder on your data-face using your makeup sponge. Allow the powder to soak for a few seconds until brushing away the extra.

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