Covid-19 Babies at Risk: Brain damage in the womb itself...

Covid-19 Babies at Risk: Brain damage in the womb itself...

The danger of corona has now reached the babies growing in the mother's womb and till now an attack of the virus has been found in the brain of the mother's placenta. Brain damage has been done to two children of two Corona positive mothers.

The babies were born to young mothers who were corona positive during their second trimester in the delta wave of the corona pandemic in 2020, before vaccines were available. The journal Pediatrics has published this case study. This study has shown that other viruses, not just the corona virus, can harm the developing foetal brain by crossing the placenta, including the CMV, rubella, HIV, and Zika.

According to a study conducted in America, the corona infection that caused brain damage in two of the children occurred because their mother had the disease. In this case, the infant passed away after only 13 months. According to a university of Miami study that was published in the Pediatrics Journal, both infants suffered a stroke the day they were born, and as a result, their mental development rapidly declined. According to researchers, one of the children was kept in an incubator while the other died at the age of 13 months.

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