Celebration of Mother's day 2022!!!

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Celebration of Mother's day 2022!!!

On the day of Mother's Day, in some places of the world, our love for mother is expressed in a very interesting way. This time Mother's Day 2022 will be celebrated on sunday 8th May 2022. Today we will introduce you to some unique ways of celebrating Mother's Day 2022, which are very interesting and this style is very different in the world.


1. UK Mother's Day 2022

Once upon a time, Mother's Day was celebrated here on a sunday, just three weeks before Easter, during the fast-festival season, which was called Mothering Sunday. In fact, the people of the poor household often sent their children to the rich people for jobs. These children, deprived of their mother's love, used to get a holiday on the fourth sunday so that they could worship the Virgin Mary and go to their homes. These children would often pluck flowers on the way and feed their mother by making cakes. Nowadays, on Mother's Day here, children give flowers, cards, and gifts to their mothers.

2. This is how Mother's Day is celebrated in France

Here on Mother's Day, mothers rest, and their children do all their work on that day. Here on the day of Mother's Day, along with gifts, some poems are also hummed for the mother. Delicious food is organized at the end of the day and through all this, one's love for the mother is expressed.

3. Mother's Day is special in germany too

Here Mother's Day is called 'Pea Tag' and it is celebrated on the second sunday of May. During the Second World War, Mother's Day was celebrated here with great pomp and enthusiasm. It has been called a day of gratitude to the mothers who give birth to children to protect the fatherland i.e. waiter land. 

4. Ethiopia's Mother's Day

Here daughters bring vegetables, butter, spices, and cheese while sons bring different types of meat. They are used in making traditional food. During this dance music program is also organized and in this way Mother's Day is celebrated here.

5. Mother's Day in Japan

Here Mother's Day is celebrated on the second sunday of May. Mothers are respected as a symbol of strength. Children draw pictures of their mothers in schools or in art competitions. Many children prepare sushi and egg dishes for their mothers and give them bouquets, artistic gifts, and greeting cards.

6. Peruvian Mother's Day

Peru has a tradition of giving special affection and respect to mothers. There is a tradition of preparing delicious food in the family on Mother's Day. On this day, along with any gift made by their own hands, children also give chocolates, bouquets, etc. to Mamma. 

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