Women Health: Why is calcium important for women?

Women Health: Why is calcium important for women?


The body needs all kinds of nutrients, but studies show that only the foods we eat every day are high in starch and fat. We consume large quantities of dosa, idli, rice, sambar, and sometimes meat daily. It does not have a balanced diet, a balanced diet is one in which all types of nutrients are available to the body in a balanced manner.

Doctors say that the foods we eat are very low in calcium, women in particular do not get enough calcium. This causes calcium deficiency and various other ailments. Problems such as joint pain, bone abrasions, and bone fractures occur. Recent studies show that many women over the age of 40 have this condition.

About 50 million indians have osteoporosis, these disorders are caused by a lack of adequate calcium in the body. It is enough to take foods rich in calcium to fix all these. Many of the foods we eat are very low in things like calcium.

So you can eat dairy products that are high in calcium. Especially milk, cheese, yogurt, butter, etc. can be taken. You can also eat green leafy vegetables such as sprouts and broccoli. Along with these, you can eat fish and soy-based food items. Also, fruits can be included in the daily diet. If these are followed properly, our body will get enough calcium.

Women in particular need to be aware of the food they consume daily. 

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