Why did Indira Gandhi did not get along well with her husband...?

Sindujaa D N
Feroze gandhi was a vocal supporter of ideology. Anything can be said in Parliament. But if what is said is reported, the journalist will data-face legal action.

Feroz introduced an individual bill in parliament about that trend. That was the law later known as the 'Feroze gandhi press Act'.

This law has an astonishing history. indira gandhi declared a state of emergency 15 years after her husband's disappearance and sent the law to the trash. 

However, the law was later re-enacted by the ruling Janata Party. Feroze Gandhi's pride seems to have been levelled by this.

Feroz and Indira were involved in an argument on all issues. In particular, they were very conflicted about raising their children. Politically they also had different views.

"Over the years, Indira and I began to argue amicably. I thought that others should be left to their own devices. 

But Indira was adamant in her view of being the 'Mother of India'. Indira wanted all powers to be her own. She was against the federal philosophy of India."

"Indira felt that india was not progressing enough to function as a federal state, but Feroz thought differently. Feroze was in favour of federalism in india and that Indira was in favour of concentration.

It is true that indira gandhi succeeded in downplaying the role that Feroze gandhi played in democracy. 

But there was something in common between them that was not so important. Both were interested in maintaining the garden.

In a letter to her father, who was imprisoned in Ahmednagar fort on november 22, 1943, Indira praised Feroz for this. "I do not know what he would have done if he had not taken care of the garden. Two months ago there were weeds everywhere. Now they are all cut down and the ground is level,".

There are some rumours that Feroze gandhi had relations with other women. There are also men who claim to have had an affair with Indira. 

Considering the role that Feroz and Indira played in India's development, all those gossips are irrelevant. They both had a relationship of love and hate.

Feroze's protest against indira gandhi over the dissolution of the kerala government was a wake-up call for Indira. He resigned as the leader of the All india Congress party before the end of his term.

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