A super side business that earns up to Rs. 3 lakh per month..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
A super side business that earns up to Rs. 3 lakh per month..!?
Due to the ever-increasing prices in India, people are forced to somehow earn extra money and are interested in starting a side business with a new idea. From movie actors to IT workers, they increasingly want to have a side business that gives them extra income because they feel that their careers are not permanent. It is worth noting that people from all walks of life can do the site business that we are going to see now. If you invest just 25000 rupees to start this side business, you can earn up to 3 lakh rupees per month. Are you surprised? What business..? read on to know how you can earn up to 3 lakhs.
Pearl farming is an incredibly profitable business. There are many people who have achieved great success with pearl farming. As pearls are in high demand all over the world, it is said that you can convert your investment into thousands of lakhs every month in this business. The highlight of pearl farming is that the government provides up to 50 percent subsidies to start it up. When the central government itself is supporting this sector why not try? To promote the pearl farming industry, the Department of Fisheries has incorporated pearl farming under the Blue Revolution strategy.
All States and Union Territories were urged to support pearl farming in the States receiving financial assistance from the Fisheries Department as part of the Blue Revolution program. Thus pearl farming is subsidized up to 50 percent. Pearl farming requires a pond, which you can build with your own money or you can build it using a 50 percent subsidy from the government. One is also advised to enroll in a professional training program at one of the institutes offering training programs in pearl farming. Through this, one can get to know the important things in pearl farming from experts. The most popular of these is CIFA.
To grow pearls, the clams are first netted and placed in a pond for 10 to 15 days. This allows the clams to adapt to the environment and then be taken to the oyster pond and undergo an operation. A mold is inserted inside each oyster. It is this mold that turns into pearls. An acre of the pond can hold 25000 oysters, and it is said that an acre of pond and oysters will cost up to 8 lakh rupees. One oyster produces up to 2 pearls, one pearl is sold in the market for Rs 120, increasing to Rs 200 depending on the quality and data-size of the pearl. It is said that 50% of oysters in your pond can earn you 30-35 lakhs per year depending on the operation.

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