79-year-old entrepreneur woman..! Secret of her success?

Sowmiya Sriram
79-year-old entrepreneur woman..! Secret of her success?
We have seen through many examples that age is not a barrier to achieving and becoming an entrepreneur. In that way, a woman named Kokila from mumbai started her business at the age of 79 and is running it successfully today. She said in her interview that her mother taught her the secret of her business. Mumbai-based Kokila Parekh started her tea masala business at the age of 79 during the Covid-19 lockdown. Friends and relatives encouraged her by appreciating the delicious tea she served. The secret ingredient in her tea is a recipe for spiced tea taught to her by her mother.
In 2020, considering her family's financial situation during the lockdown, Kokila Parekh decided to turn her tea skills into a business. She planned to earn money by selling the masala tea powder that her mother had taught her. Her son, Tushar, helped find spice vendors. They named their business venture KT (Kokila and Tushar) Chai Masala.
Regarding KT Chai masala, Kokila Parekh said that their products are made with fresh spices, no artificial colors, and help boost immunity along with taste enhancement. The fact that drinking tea using Kokila's masala tea powder increases immunity during the Corona pandemic is a huge plus for their business.
In an interview with an online portal, Kokila said that she gives a substantial quantity of her masala tea powder to the guests who come to their house when they leave. Once that masala tea powder is finished, they will ask to make some more and pay for it. They said that the tea is delicious and at the same time boosts the immune system and improves digestion, which led her to the idea of starting this business.
Before the lockdown, Kokila Parekh's hobbies were cooking, doing household chores, looking after children, spending time with her daughter-in-law, visiting temples, and hanging out with her friends and family. But the lockdown changed her lifestyle. That's when the idea of starting her own brand came.
Over the years she saw demand for her chai masala powder and decided to turn it into a business.KT Chai masala is currently receiving orders of 500 kg per day, Kokila said in an interview. She is currently receiving accolades from many industry bodies. Her name appeared in several news articles in the media.
She grew up thinking that women can only be housewives. She got married at 21 and spent about 60 years taking care of her family. But now, running a business at the age of 80, she considers it a great life, she said in an interview.

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