Small town boy gets Rs.23 crore Salary @Tesla!!

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People plant colorful flowers in their garden, water them on time, take care of them, but despite this many of these plants dry up. At the same time, there are many plants that flower without any maintenance even in adverse conditions. There are some people in human beings who have such a strong desire to move forward that they have the ability to touch the heights of success from  any level.

great success at a young age

Yashwant Chaudhary of Champawat, uttarakhand is also one of those who have such a strong will. He has done a great job at a young age. Actually, Yashwant has found his first job in a big multinational company, where his annual package is crores of rupees. Yashwant is only 24 years old and at this young age, he has got a package of more than 3 million dollars i.e. 23 crore rupees. 

Traveling from Small Town to Berlin 

Young engineer Yashwant, who got the job of senior manager at tesla Giga Company in Germany, will have to undergo training in Bengaluru from august, after which he will get an opportunity to work in Berlin in November. Yashwant is the son of a businessman Shekhar Chaudhary. He did his B.Tech from Pithoragarh and after that secured 870th rank in GATE exam in 2020. Two years ago he was selected as Trainee Manager in Bangalore. He gave his services online during the Corona period.

Got an annual package of 23 crores 

Describing about his job, Yashwant said that his first job is in Berlin, Germany. Here he has been offered an annual package of $ 3 million to work in the position of senior manager at tesla Giga Factory, which he has accepted. Yashwant will first work online till July 31. After this, he will train in Bangalore from august to october and then in november he will start serving in Berlin.

Yashwant has always been dreaming of working in a multinational company. He always wanted to get fame at the international level, so that in future this experience can be useful to him in handling any big responsibility in the country itself. Yashwant's family and his acquaintances are very happy with his success, along with this he is getting congratulations from all sides. Big leaders of political parties are also congratulating him for the way Yashwant has illuminated the name of his state Uttarakhand.

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