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Today, on the occasion of international Human Space Flight Day 2020, it is a minimum virtue for our country to commemorate the proud astronauts. It is against this backdrop that we look at three other heroes who started Rakesh Sharma and raised India's profile in space. Learn about Kalpana Chawla, Sunita Williams, sirisha Bandla.

Today space exploration is in full swing around the world. Our country is also at the forefront in this field. india has also made a lot of efforts to stand up to the giants like America and Russia. Today is international Manned Space Carrier Day. On this occasion, let us remember the celebrities who took india to a proud level in the field of space. Let us recall four key astronauts starting with Rakesh Sharma. The first name on the list definitely comes from Rakesh Sharma.

Rakesh Sharma spent 7 days 21 hours and 40 minutes at the Salute 7 Orbital Station. Rakesh Sharma was the first and only indian to fly in space. We can mention many names along with him. But, they have indian origins .. not indian citizens.

After Rakesh Sharma's space flight, the then prime minister Indira gandhi asked him a question. What did it feel like to see india from space? Asked. In response, he quoted Iqbal as saying: He replied ‘Saare Jaha Se Achcha’ and left an indelible mark on the hearts of the people of the country.

Kalpana Chawla was the first woman to be born in our country and go into space. But, unfortunately, she died in 2003 when the space shuttle exploded while returning to space from space. She first flew into space in 1997 via the US space agency NASA. As a mission specialist, she flew into space via the Columbia space shuttle as the primary robotic arm operator. Then in 2003 the space shuttle Columbia launched into space. But, along with her and six other members, the Columbia space shuttle exploded just minutes before landing while returning. Seven crew members were killed.

Sunita Williams is the second indian American woman to fly into space. Most of the time there were records in the past in her name as a woman who walked in space. She has walked in space seven times. She set a record at the time as the woman who did the longest spacewalk of 50 hours and 40 minutes. So that she received international accolades.

Meanwhile, sirisha Bandla is the third woman of indian descent to reach space. sirisha also flew to the edge of space via the Virgin Galactic spaceship with him on a space tour hosted by british billionaire richard Branson. She made this journey along with five others. Born in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, sirisha grew up in Houston, USA.

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