All you need to know about CPI leader K Balakrishnan

During the 1975 Emergency, he was obliged to live in seclusion and perform party responsibilities. In 1989, he was elected as the Cuddalore district Party's district Secretary. K. Balakrishnan has been a member of the party's State Committee since 1982, and has been elected to the State Executive Committee in 1998, the Party's Central Committee in 2012, and Secretary of State in 2018. chidambaram was elected to the Legislative assembly in 2011 and performed admirably in both his constituency and the legislature. Pa. Janshirani, Balakrishnan's wife, is from a communist household."

Following his election as Secretary of State, K. Balakrishnan met with reporters. He went on to say that we would wage combined battles against the BJP. While we applaud the DMK's many statements today, we urge them to follow through on many more initiatives and promises. We will make efforts as a friendly party to persuade the DMK to implement this. At the same time, unemployment and prices are rising, posing a threat to people's livelihoods. Employees are hired on the basis of aggregate and value added in several areas. Small enterprises have been utterly wiped off.

We will fight alone, focusing on the livelihood difficulties of vulnerable people like these in the days ahead, and by partnering with organisations that share similar goals. We have made the decision to gradually devote ourselves to the job of establishing a left-wing democratic alternative in tamil Nadu. The resolution states that the tamil Nadu government should establish a special law to combat arson in this session.

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