Painting with Feet: Made Big B & PM Modi his admirers!!

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It is said that if luck snatches something from a person, it definitely gives him something in return. Luck did the same with Ayush Kundal of Madhya Pradesh. On one hand, where he is struggling with physical disability since childhood, he has got such skill from nature that he has become a well-known name in the whole country on the basis of that skill. 

PM Modi praised

Yes, Ayush Kundal became the famous name of india in no time. His skills have made him his admirer from the prime minister of india to the megastar amitabh Bachchan. Expressing the happiness of meeting Ayush by tweeting himself, PM narendra modi has publicly announced to follow him on Twitter. 

painting with feet 

A few days ago, the prime minister of the country shared a painting through one of his tweets. He had praised this painting and its creator. Let us tell you that this painting was made by Ayush only. Ayush became the superstar of india after PM Modi's tweet. Let us tell you that Ayush's hands are not capable of making paintings from it, but the wonderful thing is that he is serving the art with his feet. The painting made with his toes has also made the emperor of bollywood Big B his admirer before PM Modi. Big B also follows Aayush on Twitter. 

mother encouraged

Ayush Kundal is a resident of Barwah nagar in Khargone district of Madhya Pradesh. If destiny has reduced the capacity of his body, then god has given him a wonderful talent. He is physically handicapped since birth but this has never dampened his spirits. His mother always gave him courage so that his spirits were always high. 

Aayush's mother always made her child feel special and encouraged them. It is only because of her mother's inspiration that at the age of 25, Ayush's dreams are about to touch the sky. The amazing thing is that Ayush creates adorable paintings with his toes. Aayush had always dreamed of meeting two people. First amitabh bachchan and second PM Modi. Now both of his dreams have come true. Expressing his happiness, he wrote on his twitter handle that 'his one dream of meeting Bachchan ji was fulfilled, now his second dream of meeting Modi ji has also been fulfilled.

Seeing all the paintings made by Ayush, PM Modi praised him a lot and gave him a lot of praise. After this, Ayush gifted the painting of Swami Vivekananda made by himself to the PM. While meeting Ayush, PM Modi asked him what to do next? On this, Ayush's reply was that he has to build his own house. After hearing Ayush's answer, the PM was impressed and he laughed and said, 'Make me a map yourself, I will give you a house to be built.'

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