Dhoni-Sakshi celebrated their 15th wedding day..!!

Sowmiya Sriram
Dhoni-Sakshi celebrated their 15th wedding day..!!
A video of CSK captain dhoni and his wife sakshi celebrating their 15th wedding anniversary by cutting a cake is trending on social media. dhoni is the only captain of the indian team who has won all 3 types of trophies namely the t20 world cup, world cup, and Champions Trophy. When dhoni won the t20 world cup in 2007, he sported a long hairdo. dhoni then changed his hairstyle. It was the then-girlfriend sakshi who was responsible for that hairstyle change. dhoni and sakshi, who had been in love for a long time, got married on July 4, 2010, in Dehradun. indian team player suresh raina was the only one who attended the wedding in front of the family. Then all the players were invited to the reception. They both had a baby girl in 2015.
 As dhoni was playing in the world cup series, it was almost a month later that dhoni met his child in person. sakshi has always supported Dhoni's success. After the kid grew up with a world cup medal, both sakshi and her daughter Ziva started coming to watch the IPL matches. Because of this, CSK fans are also following them. The dhoni-Sakshi couple celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary by simply cutting a cake. This video is trending on social media. In recent times dhoni has been spending more time with his family, and fans are getting updates about Dhoni's life through Sakshi's Instagram. In that way, the photos released by sakshi on the occasion of the 15th wedding anniversary are also being received by CSK fans.

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