121 lives lost in a stampede; How did a policeman become a baba like a priest?

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121 lives lost in a stampede; How did a policeman become a baba like a priest?

In a village near Hadhras, Uttar Pradesh, a religious prayer meeting called Satsang was held in honor of a local priest. According to the FIR, the 'Satsang' organizers had sought permission for a gathering of over 80,000 people, but over 2.5 lakh people reportedly turned up. Also, women and children mostly participated in this meeting.

In this situation, it has been reported that 121 people have died and 28 people have been hospitalized due to the sudden crowding. Meanwhile, information about preacher Narayan Sagar vishwa Hari, who organized the Satsang, has also surdata-faced.

Who is this Narayan Sagar vishwa Hari:

Narayan Sagar was born to Nanne Lal and Katori Devi, a farming couple in Bahadur nagari village in Etah district of Uttar Pradesh. His real name is Suraj Pal Singh. Belonging to a backward community, he served as a police constable and resigned from his job in 1990. Later he changed his name to Narayan Sagar Hari.

Narayan Sagar, who identifies himself as a disciple of Hari, has a significant following in western Uttar Pradesh. So, he set up an ashram in his own village. Devotees from other districts and even states would come to that ashram; They are said to have been given accommodation in the ashram. Narayan Sagar is married and has no children. It is mentioned that he is called baba by the people and his wife is called Matashri as he left the police and got involved in spirituality.

Meanwhile, Narayan Sagar, who is suspected of a conspiracy against him, left the village five years ago and is living in Rajasthan. Last year, he returned to the village handed over his assets to his trust, and employed a manager. Currently, he oversees the ashram affairs. Narayan Sagar, who identifies himself as Guru, does not wear saffron clothes but mostly wears a white coat suit, and tie. Narayan Sagar, in his lectures, ``I worked in the Intelligence Department. It was then that I fell in love with spirituality. So, I resigned from my job and came to serve. During my lectures, I do not keep any amount from the donations given. I will spend it for my devotees."

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