Hardik Pandya's wife's sudden decision..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
Hardik Pandya's wife's sudden decision..!?
Popular cricketer hardik pandya and his wife natasha have been shocked by the news of their divorce. Natasha, who is from Serbia, has acted in various films in Bollywood. He has also participated in Bigg Boss. In this case, hardik pandya and natasha both got married on january 1, 2020.
And natasha got pregnant by hardik pandya before marriage. The two have a baby boy. In this situation, there were reports that there was a problem between natasha and hardik Pandya. It was also reported that natasha has removed her alias Pandya from her social media page and deleted all the wedding photos.
It was also reported that natasha is in a relationship with her boyfriend. hardik pandya did not open his mouth about anything. But natasha continued to act like she was going on a date with her boyfriend. It was at this stage that the news broke that natasha was going to ask for and buy 70% of hardik Pandya's property. This created a huge stir among the fans. In this situation, there are some changes in Natasha's behavior. Suddenly, natasha re-shared her wedding photo with hardik pandya on her social media page. She has posted that all the glory goes to God.
And again she has posted many pictures of herself with hardik Pandya. This has made fans happy. This puts an end to the divorce dispute. There are also reports that natasha is going to America to watch the t20 World Cup.

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