Artist Attempts Latte Art In Pani Puri, Internet Gets Creative With Naming It


Latte Artist: The person showed such art on Golgappa, eyes will be wide open after watching the video

In the video, when a Latte artist did not get a coffee mug to show his amazing art, he did something that left people astonished. 

Latte Art In Pani Puri: Surprising videos are seen every day on social media. These days also a similar video is attracting people's attention on the internet. In this video, people are not able to stop themselves from praising the artistry of a person. Actually, in this video, when a Latte artist did not get a coffee mug to show his excellent art, he did something that left people surprised. The person made art on Golgappa itself. In this video going viral, this design made by the person looks very beautiful. Let us show you this amazing video, which will leave your eyes wide open.

Golgappa is a dish that is liked by almost everyone. It is made in different styles in different areas. Besides, it is also known by many names like Puchka, Pani Puri, Pani-Patashe, Phulki, and Gupchup. Recently, in a video that surdata-faced on social media, a person has shown such artistry with Golgappa, which has left everyone astonished. You would hardly have even imagined this kind of work. In this video, the person has done the coffee art done in a coffee mug in Golgappa. In such a situation, people are also sharing this video extensively.

This video has been shared on instagram on an account named Sachkadwahai, which has been viewed more than 71 thousand times so far. Also, many people have liked the video.

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