Telangana Constable's Heroic Rescue.!

Sindujaa D N
In an exemplary display of courage and swift action, a police constable in karimnagar district, Telangana, is receiving widespread acclaim for his life-saving efforts. The incident unfolded in Bhethigal, Veenavanka mandal, when Kurra suresh engaged in a domestic dispute and subsequently consumed insecticide in an apparent suicide attempt. The distressing situation was reported through dialing 100, prompting the immediate response of Blue Colts Constable Jayapal and home Guard Sampath.

However, the challenging circumstances of the incident, coupled with the inaccessibility of the location for a two-wheeler, necessitated an extraordinary response. Without waiting for an ambulance, Constable Jayapal made a bold decision to carry the unconscious suresh on his shoulder for approximately two kilometres over the embankment of the farm to reach the village.

This courageous act not only showcased the constable's dedication but also ensured that suresh received timely medical attention. Following the rescue, suresh, along with his family members, was swiftly transported to the government hospital, where his condition was reported as stable.

The immediate and proactive response by Constable Jayapal earned him admiration and gratitude from the local community. Such acts of bravery not only save lives but also contribute to improving the public perception of the police force. The incident serves as a powerful reminder of the positive impact that individual acts of heroism within the law enforcement community can have on fostering trust and confidence among the public.

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