Mumbai man's instruction to Zomato for birthday cake went hilariously wrong

In a comical turn of events, a man's birthday surprise for someone took an unexpected turn when the bakery workers misinterpreted the situation, resulting in an odd mishap. It all started when a man named Gaurav purchased a birthday cake for someone named Isha from a shop in mumbai via Zomato.
Taking to X, Gaurav uploaded a screenshot of the directions he had given via the zomato app, which clearly specified the phrase he wanted on the cake. But what he got in exchange will make you giggle.
While ordering Isha's birthday cake, Gaurav told the workers at Kosten Patisseries to "send a candle." Write 'Happy Birthday, Isha'. If possible, place a happy birthday sticker with the name 'Isha' on it. However, the bakery workers read the message in a way that will lead you to seek the same thing Gaurav did in his post on X.
As the post received over 44k views, social media users were ready to leave their amusing responses in the comments area.
The bakery staff missed out on the quotations and the word "if" on the cake and wrote "Isha Possib," according to social media users.
"Because they thought 'if' was the little middle name for Isha Possib," a member of the public said. "They missed if and the quotes," another guy stated.
Some users even reported similar occurrences. "I've experienced a similar experience. We had scrawled on a slip 'Happy birthday, Arun'. Please write typedata-faces in italic. "We got the cake written 'Happy Birthday Arun - Font Italics'," one response said.

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