Thar showing off in Chennai rain..? Ambitious creature?

Sowmiya Sriram
Thar showing off in chennai rain..? Ambitious creature?
The eagerness of fellow human beings to help the people affected by the rains in chennai has made many people resilient. people who own boats in particular are voluntarily rescuing people in waterlogged areas without expecting any financial assistance. Since monday evening, many people have been flying requests on twitter asking if anyone has big vehicles...?, ready to accept food and petrol costs for rescue work. people rushed to the field for food and rescue work before government aid arrived.
At present, rescue operations by boat are going on intensively where the water level is chest-high. Similarly, several ministers have been accepting rescue requests through twitter and helping to shift people to safer places.

 Mahindra Group Chairman anand mahindra took to twitter to share his company's proudest product, the mahindra Thar. He has posted a video of the car traveling in a rainwater-logged place in Chennai. The video shows that the mahindra Thar, a vehicle that is a favorite among today's youth, is capable of 4-wheel drive and can run even when the engine is submerged in water. Through this video, the mahindra Thar vehicle has become more popular among the people of Chennai.

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