What happened..!? Anushka refuses to clap..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
What happened..!?  Anushka refuses to clap..!?
Virat kohli, the best player of the indian team, and his wife anushka sharma refused to clap her hands. At that moment, she did something unexpected. The India-Netherlands match took place in Bangalore. indian fans are waiting for the big event as this match against the Netherland team takes place on diwali day. Virat Kohli's wife anushka sharma was also present at the stadium to watch the match. india has scored 410 runs so far in this match.
rohit sharma, virat kohli and Shubman Gill scored 50 runs. shreyas iyer and KL rahul scored centuries. Then, chased by the Netherland team, mohammed siraj had to leave the field due to injury. Then rohit sharma called kohli to bowl. When virat kohli bowled first, he conceded 7 runs. Then virat kohli finally saw his wife anushka Sharma. See how anushka doesn't appreciate him? He signaled. However, anushka sharma still did not give up. Then rohit sharma gave the floor to him again.

Then he took the wicket and did something that no one expected. Netherland captain Scott Edwards tried to hit the ball towards the leg where kohli threw the ball. But the ball slipped to KL Rahul. He made the wicket by catching it. virat kohli bowled and took a wicket in about 9 years. anushka sharma, who refused to clap when kohli bowled, couldn't believe that he had taken a wicket, laughed and cried with joy. The images are widely shared on the Internet. While anushka sharma is said to be expecting her second child, virat kohli gifted a wicket as a diwali gift to his wife.
 It is worth noting that kohli bowled 3 overs in this match, giving away just 13 runs and taking 1 wicket. The netherlands scored only 250 runs in 47.5 overs and lost all their wickets. The indian team won the match by a margin of 160 runs. 

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