VIDEO - Violent Fight in Metro as Men Punch and Kick Each Other

The delhi Metro, a lifeline for those living in the nation's capital, has seen an awful argument amongst passengers in a recent episode that has garnered a lot of attention on social media. This event was captured on camera, and it has quickly gone viral, drawing attention to the need for civility in the public transit system.
In the video, two males are seen getting into a furious fight, using foul language and resorting to serious physical altercations. A third person gets involved in the fight as the argument gets more heated, aggravating the situation by yanking one of the men's hairs. Luckily, other passengers bravely intervened to terminate the argument and restore order, preventing the situation from getting worse.

As the video comes to a close, the man who started the brawl is seen leaving the Metro car and using derogatory comments about other passengers.
This video has received a lot of attention since becoming viral on social media, accumulating almost 300,000 views, 1,200 likes, and a tonne of comments. It is regrettable that these kinds of things have started to become viral entertainment.
One user quips cynically, "Delhi Metro wins the 'Best Entertainment Award' for 2023," amid the social media comments, underscoring the irony that such a regrettable event attracts attention for all the wrong reasons.
Someone another said, "You can have a world-class metro, but unfortunately, third-rate behaviour from some passengers tarnishes its reputation."
"It seems like all the chaos in delhi belongs to the Metro; they should consider renaming it 'Metro Chaos,'" said a third person.
Finally, a fourth person said, "Posting delhi Metro videos on YouTube could potentially lead to a successful channel, guaranteeing a significant number of views, albeit for the wrong reasons."

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