29-year-old Brazilian Model Dies Of Cardiac Arrest In Lipo Surgery

Reality tv actress and Brazilian influencer Luana Andrade passed away after an unsuccessful procedure to remove fat from her knee. She was in her 29s. Luana Andrade, a model and influencer, visited Hospital São Luiz in Sao Paulo on monday to have a knee liposuction performed by a private surgeon and anesthesiologist that the family had hired.
After two hours of surgery, she apparently experienced a breathing problem and went into cardiac arrest. She had experienced significant thrombosis, the surgeons discovered when they immediately stopped the surgery. After being moved to the intensive care unit, she passed away on tuesday morning at 5:30 a.m.
A abrupt blockage of an artery, pulmonary embolism, is listed as the cause of death. Her fan base on Instagram, which numbers over 559,000, is expressing their sympathies to the family and their displeasure with models who risk their lives for cosmetic procedures.
S£o Luiz Hospital released a statement stating that the Brazilian model's family had chosen a private physician and anaesthetist to carry out the treatment. The Daily Mail was informed by the hospital that "massive thrombosis" was discovered during testing after the procedure was stopped. The hospital released a statement saying, "She was transferred to the ICU where she underwent medication and hemodynamic treatment."
Diovane Ruaro, a plastic surgeon, stated that Luana Andrade seemed well. "An adequate pre-operative procedure was carried out, however, unfortunately, this fatality occurred, which saddens us," stated the surgeon.

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