Blue Smurf Cat Meme That Is Going Viral On The Internet?

Blue Smurf Cat Meme That Is Going Viral On The Internet?

Did the blue cat catch your eye whilst you checked out X, YouTube, or Instagram? Given how well-liked the blue cat has grown to be online, you must. If you're interested in learning how or where this trend started, ask us! The Russian hashtag #, also referred to as Shailushai, is where the Blue Smurf cats meme first surdata-faced on TikTok. This has accumulated millions of views and comments on social media.

The object resembles a small blue smurf, for those who are unaware. It has cat-like facial features and a mushroom for a hat. The creature is seen lugging a dead snail as it trots down a tree. These videos differ from typical videos in that they have "The Spectre" by Alan Walker playing in the background. It was only available on TikTok at first, but since then, it has appeared on platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and X. The comment sections on these websites feature the black cat with the eerie eyes. The blue cat has a special place in popular virtual worlds like Roblox and Minecraft. The image was made in 2014 by a man by the name of Nate Hallinan.

Many people have expressed their dissatisfaction over the reality that these critters have essentially taken over as the only thing they ever before see on their feeds. Furthermore, a lot of people have urged social media platforms to stop showing this creature. A user on X posted a video with the message, "TIKTOK kindly cease THIS SMURF CAT."

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