During a traffic jam, a truck driver purchases alcohol!!!

During a traffic jam, a truck driver purchases alcohol!!!

In a hilarious video that is currently going viral on social media, a truck driver successfully buys alcohol while stuck in traffic. The user "Mask" posted the video to "X," and it features individuals doing full splits. The truck driver is seen in the video purchasing alcohol for himself while his vehicle is parked on the other side of the street. "This is what we call time management," the user of 'X' wrote while sharing the video.

The driver is seen at the liquor store at the beginning. He runs to his car and calmly sits in the driver's seat just as he finishes his purchase. Rule number 5 is as follows: "Ignore traffic and signals. Concentrate on your goals." It has received over 22K views since being uploaded. "Heavy driver," said a user of 'X'. Priority was also written by someone else.

In the meantime, a video that went viral earlier showed a pickup truck driver running over several pedestrians while attempting to elude police. A bystander captured a glimpse of the horrific incident on video. According to the New York Post, the truck driver was allegedly running from an officer after the officer saw him performing donuts in the middle of a busy intersection in Atlanta, Georgia. The incident was made public after a user shared the video. The report also stated that the incident happened on a sunday night. Thankfully, no casualties associated with this incident were noted. The opening scene of the video shows the busy intersection of 17th Street and Northside Drive with parked cars.

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