Man Loses 6 Crore Rupees in Online Scam!!?


Online Scam: Online romance took the elderly man away, he lost his life's earnings in a jiffy

Online love Trap: The old man became a victim of online romance when he started talking to a woman on LinkedIn. Slowly the conversation between the two increased and the woman looted Rs 6 crore from the man.

Man Loses 6 Crore Rupees in Online Scam: Cybercrime cases are increasing continuously in the world. In India too, some case or the other keeps coming up every day. A case of cyber fraud has come up in America, which will shock you. Here a 75-year-old man was first trapped in the trap of online romance and after that, his life's earnings were snatched away.

What is the whole matter?

This whole case is from America, where a pig butchering resident became a victim of an online scam. This 75-year-old man started talking to a girl on LinkedIn. On LinkedIn, the woman introduced herself as a rich woman from China. The woman assured the old man that she was living in san francisco and working in gold supply. The woman, who is from China, told her name as Violin Chen.

The woman also WhatsApped some of her photographs to the old man, after which they started talking about romance on the phone. The girl talkedin such a cunning manner that the old man did not suspect the woman at all. Slowly theold man started getting trapped in the woman's trap. After this, the woman told the old man that he should invest somewhere and told him about a firm of one of her relatives. 

The man lost 6 crore rupees

First, the woman asked the old man to deposit only $1500 and gradually kept asking him to deposit more money. In this way, the woman looted about 3 lakh dollars (about 6 crore rupees) from him and showed that a lot of profit was being made. When the old man asked to withdraw the money, he was asked for more money. In this way, the man kept losing all his money. Later the man came to know that a big fraud had happened to him.

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