Free Fire Max always has some new events organized


New event starting in Free fire Max, many in-game items will be available for free for 70 days

Free fire MAX: Gamers will not need to spend a single rupee or diamonds for the next 70 days to get free rewards in Free fire Max. Let us tell you about a new event.

Free fire Max: Free fire Max always has some new events organized. In these events, gamers get a lot of special rewards. There are many in-game items in Free fire Max, which gamers have to spend money to get, but in events, these items can be obtained for free as rewards.

Upcoming event in Free fire Max

The problem with this is that in most of the events of Free fire Max, one has to spend diamonds to spin and only then one can get gaming items for free. Now to get diamonds also, gamers have to spend real money or wait for a special offer from Garena, through which they can get diamonds for free and then they can use them to get rewards in events. After diamonds, the second in-game currency of Free fire Max is gold coins. Gamers do not have to spend any money on gold coins. Gamers can collect gold coins by playing Free fire Max matches and then win rewards from them too.

Spin by collecting gold coins

Garena also organizes many such events in which gamers get a chance to spin not through diamonds but through gold coins and then get a chance to get the items of this game for free. Let us tell you about some such events in this article, which are going to run for the next few weeks and in which you can get rewards by spending gold coins.

The name of the new event starting in Free fire Max is gold Royale Bundle. This event can start from today i.e. 28 May 2024. This event is going to last for more than 2 months i.e. a total of 70 days. In this event, the cost of one spin is Rs 300 and to do 10+1 i.e. a total of 11 spins, 3000 gold coins will have to be spent. In such a situation, if you have already accumulated gold coins, then you can use them to spin in this event and get in-game items of this game for free as rewards.

Rewards available in the new event

The list of all the rewards available in this event has not been revealed yet, but gamers can get these three bundles mentioned below.

  • Poison Flytrap Bundle
  • Chilli Hottie Bundle
  • Sleek Bandit Bundle
If you do not have any shortage of gold coins, then you can spin all these bundles along with many other rewards available in this event and get them. In one of our old articles, we told how gamers can easily get gold coins from Free fire Max. We are mentioning the link to that article below, by reading which you can learn another new trick of this game.

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