With this figure, the company has also made some records. Let us tell you about them.


Jio True 5G: Jio's 5g network is giving tough competition to Airtel, more than 9 crore customers connected

Reliance jio True 5G: More than 9 crore customers have been connected with Jio's 5g network. With this figure, the company has also made some records. Let us tell you about them.

Jio 5G

More than 9 crore customers across the country have connected with reliance jio True 5g network. reliance Chairman mukesh ambani launched the jio True 5g network in october 2022. Now after adding more than 9 crore 5g customers, the company claims that jio is claiming to have the fastest 5g service rollout in the world. This has come to light in the quarterly results of reliance Industries.

The total number of customers crosses 47 crores

Let us tell you that including 9 crore customers of jio True 5g, the total number of customers of reliance jio has now exceeded 47 crore. The company said that the figure for internet data consumption on the jio network has increased by 31.5% to 38.1 billion GB. Apart from this, the company has given another special information that about one-fourth of the entire data traffic of reliance jio has now shifted to the jio True 5g network. Accordingly, the data traffic load of more than 9 billion GB is now being handled by Jio's 5g network. Apart from this, the company has also claimed that now the calling time on reliance jio has increased to 1.37 trillion minutes.

Jio did the fastest 5g rollout

Reliance jio Infocomm Chairman akash Ambani said on the occasion, “Jio has completed the world's fastest 5g rollout and is now available across India. He further said that customers have given very good response to jio AirFiber. "JioAirFiber has had a strong takeoff, especially in Tier 3 and 4 towns and rural areas."

The company earned a profit of Rs 5,445 crore

Apart from this, reliance jio said through its report that now the net profit of the company has increased to Rs 5,445 crore. Although there has not been much increase in the average revenue per customer per month for the company, experts believe that the main reason for this is the free testing being done for the 5g network, through which no money is being taken from the customers.

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