Google quietly changed the rules after the lawsuit !!!


Nothing remains secret when searching in Chrome Incognito Mode, google quietly changed the rules after the lawsuit

Google Chrome: If you think that by searching anything in google Chrome's incognito mode, your browsing or search data remains secret, then you are wrong. After a lawsuit, google has made changes in its policy.

Google Chrome 

Users using google Chrome often use incognito mode to search for any secret thing, because google has been claiming for the last several years that those searching in Chrome's incognito mode can browse. google does not have records of the data, so it remains completely secret. However, now after fighting a long legal battle, google has quietly changed its Incognito Mode policy.

The truth about incognito mode

According to the report of The Verge, now in Google's new Chrome version 122.0.6251.0, users will see a new warning when opening or using incognito mode. This warning will say that you can do private or incognito browsing, and your activity will not be visible to anyone else using this device. It is written in this warning that google does not save your browsing history. Does not save cookies and site data, and also does not save information entered in any form. But the websites you visit, your employer or school, and your Internet service provider may see your activity.

This new warning and changed policy of google has made it clear that whatever you are searching in Chrome's incognito mode is not completely secret. It is secret only to the person who uses your device. Apart from that, people from your school to your office can also see your secret activities.

Why did google change its policy?

A case was filed against google company by a user in the year 2020. Users have accused google that google tracks the real-time data of users, storing it, and also identifying it. 

However, initially, google claimed that Chrome's incognito mode was completely safe and did not track or collect any data of the users, but later google admitted its mistake and admitted that Who can monitor incognito mode activities? After settling this case, google has quietly changed its policy. google may issue a new warning in incognito mode by next month. Only after accepting this warning will users be able to use Chrome's incognito mode.

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