Electric car not good for India..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
Electric car not good for India..!?
While the indian automobile industry is changing as a whole, as the demand for electric cars has started to increase among the people, all the automobile companies have started manufacturing electric cars. But most of the batteries and their raw materials are imported from abroad. Speaking at the 50th National Management Conference organized by the All india Management Association (AIMA), the Chairman of maruti Suzuki R.C. Bhargava advocated against electric vehicles in India. Many were shocked by this. Unless at least 50% of India's total electricity consumption is generated from renewable sources, electric vehicles will not be environmentally friendly in india, Bhargava said. Therefore, instead of electric vehicles, indian automobile companies can focus on developing hybrid fuel cng gas powered vehicles and green fuel ethanol and hydrogen gas powered vehicles.
R.C. Bhargava attributes this to the fact that 75 percent of the electricity generated in india is generated from coal. Then how can electric vehicles reduce carbon footprint? This will not be possible unless the use of coal-fired power is reduced, he said. He said that hybrid vehicles will be the right choice for the indian automobile market until the complete replacement of electricity sources in india, i.e. until excess electricity is produced by renewable energy.
In fact, while Tata, mahindra and hyundai have started manufacturing 100 percent electric cars, maruti Suzuki, toyota and honda have yet to manufacture fully electric cars in India. Also, maruti Suzuki and toyota have recently joined forces to produce hybrid electric cars. Similarly, maruti Suzuki believes that electric cars are not priced right for India's mass marketing market. This is why there is great reluctance to make fully electric cars.

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