Beware..! PAN, Aadhaar card fraud...!?

Sowmiya Sriram
Beware..! PAN, Aadhaar card fraud...!?
In the context of increasing online fraud, the information of identity cards like PAN and Aadhaar is being misused in many places. Here's how to escape from it. PAN Card and Aadhaar Card are two important documents for an individual in India. At the same time, as digitization has accelerated, online scams are also on the rise. Recently there have also been reports of misuse of documents by many celebrities. In such a situation, keep some things in mind to keep your PAN card, and Aadhaar card safe.
How to avoid misuse of Aadhaar, PAN?
1) Avoid carrying your PAN and Aadhaar everywhere you go. Instead, whenever possible, use other identification cards like voter cards, driving licenses, etc.
2) Share your PAN and Aadhaar details only with authorities or institutions and sign and date a copy.
3) Avoid entering your full name and date of birth on online platforms including social media. These can be used to track your PAN number.
4) Check your credit report regularly
5) In your phone's gallery, avoid keeping PAN and Aadhaar as they can be easily be taken if the phone is lost.
How to recognize fraud?
Check your CIBIL report to know whether your PAN card has been used fraudulently or not. The report will contain details of all loans and credit cards. If the credit card or loan details you don't receive appear on the CIB report, inform the authorities immediately.
How to report misuse of PAN?
- Visit the website named TIN NSDL.
- Find the customer Care section on the home page, which will open the following menu.
- Open 'Complaints/Questions' from the drop-down menu. Now a complaint form will open.
- Fill in the details in the form. Enter the captcha code and then click 'Submit'.

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