You don't need a cylinder anymore..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
You don't need a cylinder anymore..!?
The cost of gas can be reduced by using bio-gas stoves made from food waste as an alternative to normal cooking gas. While the cost of cooking gas is skyrocketing, cooking gas made from food waste called biogas has come to protect the environment. He explained this while speaking to Muniyaswamy, an ex-army soldier who is currently trying to bring biogas stoves like these which were used in other states like kerala to the people of Virudhunagar district. LPG cooking gas is currently selling for Rs 1120, so middle-class people can use biogas as a good alternative to buying gas for cooking as it is a cut in their monthly budget.
Food waste:

By composting food waste from the home, vegetable waste, and cooking the methane produced in it, you can reduce the cost of cooking gas and also reduce waste from home and contribute to environmental protection.
Muniyasamy says that on average you can cook using it for 45 minutes a day, but by putting more waste, you can cook up to a maximum of 90 minutes a day. And unlike LPG gas, it is made from vegetable waste, so it has less chance of accidents, he says.

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